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Puma Suede

Puma Suede

The Puma Suede is one of the most popular Puma sneakers ever and is a big part of the sneakermarket for a reason. Back in the days, when the Suede was dropped first, Puma used to release the Suede as a Breakdance shoe, the first ever in history. Now its just one of the best lifestyle sneakers. The shoe works so good, because you are able to vary the simple design through all those different available colorways. Also from the technical aspect its an outstanding sneaker. The upper is made out of velours and its that breathable as it is because of the perforations on top. To guarantee perfect damping, they installed a padded waistband. The outsole is supported by an gum part, the reason for perfect grip. All in all you do everything right with wearing the Puma suede. Check out the following part of the page in case you are interested in all available Puma Suede shoes.

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The Puma Suede is the leading Puma sneaker at the market and in different ways available at our store. Please note, that the Suede fits a little bigger than regular sneakers. Better order half or full size down.