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Puma Sneaker

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Rudolf Dassler founded the Puma Aktiengesellschaft Rudolf Dassler Sport in 1948, after he and his brother Adi decided to part ways. In the same year Puma released the Puma Atom, which was the brands first soccer shoe.

In 58 the typical Puma stripe on the side panel was launched, and 10 more years later the cat logo. In the meantime the rivalry between Rudolf and Adi became bigger, and both men tried to have the top athletes to compete in their brands. One of those athletes was Brazilian soccer star Pele, who won his second world cup in Puma shoes. In the following years Puma released classics like the King or the Suede.

After Rudolf Dasslers death in 1974, his son carried on the business until 1989 when he sold the company to the Cosa Lievermann Group. However, Puma promised to invent new models and technologies, and in 1991 released the Puma Disc, which had a totally new lacing system.

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