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Nike Wmns Outburst

Nike Wmns Outburst

The Nike Outburst is a vintage runner and will be re-released in spring 2018. At Nike they are really looking forward for the release of the Outburst and they expect a huge hype for the classic-sneaker. For the first drop they release a couple of different colorways, but only in WMNS sizes, sorry guys! The Nike Outburst looks really like a old school runner and is a little bit like the Nike Air Pegasus 89. The materials they used for the first drop are kept very simple and clean: Once they used a mix of Leather and Nylon Mesh, otherwise with Suede and Nylon Mesh - thats it. You will find the typical and beloved Swoosh branding at the heel and at both sides of the shoes. Especially we love the simple white/blue colorway from the Nike Outburst and a lot of our employee-girls are really looking forward for the release of the runner. One positive part of the simple materials is, that the shoe is not to expensive, 90€ and the Nike Outburst is yours. A price like on sale from day one, a superb old school look and high comfort - what else do you want? Well ladies, you will better be fast in case you don't wanna miss the release of the Nike Outburst, we can't guarantee, that the shoe will be in our shelves for long time, especially when you looking as much forward as we do for the Nike Outburst!

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Buy Nike Outburst at Afew-Store!

We have got all colorways from the Nike Outburst at the Afew-Store in Düsseldorf. Better be fast and safe your size, in case you don't wanna miss the release of the classic vintage runner!