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Nike Air Span II Sneaker

Nike Air Span II Sneaker

The Nike Air Span II will celebrate a comeback after a long term. We are especially looking for the OG-Colorway in „white/black/blue/grey“, which is also part of the first drop. The materials are usual made out of nylon and suede, what is a perfect combination for breathabilty and stability. Additionally Nike used a Phyton Midsole for superb damping and a nice comfort. Trough the swoosh at the heel, the side and the tongue, they updated the design of the shoe very much. They also branded a „Air Span II“ at the side of the shoe. All in all, the Nike Air Span II is one of the most relevant shoes in 2018. We are really looking forward for the comeback of the shoe and we hope, you are doing so as well. In case you do not want to miss a release, please sign our newsletter. You will not miss a future drop of the Nike Air Span II.

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