For the of the Adidas Superstar we have teamed up with local Artist Ivan Beslic and will host the Vernissage of the Afew x Ivan Beslic Superstar Exhibition at the Afew-Store on the 31st of July. The works of art come in Ivan Beslics very own style and are inspired by the Superstar itself as well as by the Hip Hop, Basketball and Skate.

Vernissage @ Afew-Store | 31.07.2015 – 20h

The Afew x Ivan Beslic Color Tag Shirt was created exclusively for the Adidas Superstar Exhibition and features the Afew Logo interpreted by Ivan Beslic. Each Shirt comes in a special Shirt Can and will be available on the 31st of July at the Afew-Store.

The Afew x Ivan Beslic Superstar was created for the Exhibition and features a special platane-wood shell toe, a white leather upper, a smooth suede tongue and matching Afew x Ivan Beslic sockliner. The Shoe is an one-of-one which will be showcased at the exhibition on the 31st of July.
We have chosen two of our favorite artworks by Ivan Beslic and have produced prints. Both prints will be available on the 31st of July and show the Superstar as well as its roots in Hip Hop.

On Friday the 31st of July we will host the Afew x Ivan Beslic Exhibition together with Adidas Originals at the Afew-Store in Düsseldorf. There we will showcase the artworks of Ivan Beslic as well upcoming Superstars and a Vintage Collection of Legendary Superstars. Of course there will be Music, Drinks and Snacks as well.