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K1X Sneaker

K1X Logo

k1x - THE streetwear label par excellence. When in 1993 the first shirts went on sale, no one figured that it would end up this big. Besides shirts, the label concentrated on other clothes like hoodies, shorts and sweatpants. The focus here was always on the one and only sport of the United States: Basketball. In 2002, the first basketball shoe by k1x was introduced onto the market, the „Chiefglider“. Basketball professional Ron Artest aka "Metta World Peace" or "Tru-Warrior“ wore the shoe and the label rapidly developed a huge hype in the basketball scene. Also the „Anti Gravity“ by k1x, the shoe with which James „Flight“ White performed a breathtaking dunk at the NBA Slam Dunk Contest and became the most adored basketball shoe. Since then the Motto of the brand k1x was „Play hard, don’t embarrass our products“.

Our favorite K1X Sneaker


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