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Hamburgs finest brand „Heimplanet“ wants to offer you the best equipment for your trip since 2003. The idea was born during a surftrip of the two founders Stefan and Stefan along the Portuguese cost. Those two guys had to work out their tent again and again and were thinking about the tent of the future. After they presented 2011 their first tent, the founders were not satisfied with their idea and they focused on offering more and more outdoor stuff. The Heimplanet stuff are always good for all day using, because they are builded for tough trips around the world. They design all the stuff by themselve, because everything has to be like the guys are imagine. Stefan and Stefan found their inspiration overall and nowhere – the outdoorworld is the the highest competition. “No other market is that critical with quality and functionality, like the outdoormarket”, says Stefan. Heimplanet beamed themselves into the cosmos of the sneakerheads with the Capsule Collection with the Afew-Store. Together we made a backpack, a Tee and a 5-Panel. In future they try to make further projects, most of them will be available in the Afew-Store as well. Check out our Store or our Website.

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