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AFEW 10th Anniversary

AFEW is celebrating it‘s 10th Anniversary! And of course we have something special planned for this notably date, October 20th 2018! Together with the Afew "10th Anniversary" The Retrospective Book and the Afew "10th Anniversary" X Klippenziege Gin we will re-release our most iconic projects of the last 10 years in a limited quantity.

  • 8h - Instore Raffle
  • - Registration
  • - Lineup in front of the Store
  • - One Raffle ticket per person
  • 9h Raffle Start
  • -Raffle Winners will be drawn
  • They have the chance to select form limited afew products
    - One "Re-Release" shoe per person (Apparel Items, Book & Gin can be bought additionally)
    - No size guaranty
  • 13h - Opening "History of Afew" Exhibition @ Nina Sagt Galerie
  • 18h - Vernissage Event "History of Afew" Exhibition @ Nina Sagt Galerie
AFEW 10th Anniversary

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