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Adidas Xeno

Adidas Xeno

„Welcome to the future“ was probably the motto of the development of the Adidas ZX Flux Xeno. Or do you have a better description for the XENO technology on the ZX Flux by Adidas? A unique and unprecedented sneaker. That is what Adidas Originals introduced to us. Skeptical at the beginning, the potential of the XENO technology convinced real quick. More 3M is not possible and so the snakeskin upper shines in the most dazzling colors by the incidence of light. When there is no incidence of light the XENO technology looks just like an matte black sports car. The Adidas Originals team were inspired by the Xenopeltis snake from South Asia. The nature is the best role model and the ZX Flux Xeno is the best example for that. Can we still call it 3M or should this term be compensated with XENO? With the Xeno Technologie Adidas reaches a whole new level and we cannot wait for the release in June. The anticipation rises and the excitement still sparkles in our eyes.

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