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Adidas Tubular Sneaker

Adidas Tubular Sneaker

Over the last few years the Adidas Tubular has risen to the top of the sneaker charts. That is due to a certain Mr. Kanye West aka Yeezy. All along the model varieties have developed strongly. From the Tubuluar Runner to Nova or Doom. In Year 1994, the tubular was published first and celebrates its comeback 20 years later. But nothing seems as it ever was. Inspired by the Adidas ZX7000, which can be recognized by the heel cage and the Y-3 Qasa, which sole is unique, there is now the Tubular Runner. Moreover the model comes with a never seen silhouette. The overlay consists of neopren which provides a great wearing comfort, the print and the heel cage complete the look. In Addition, the typical Adidas Gillie Lacing System can not be missed.

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Adidas Tubular

The introduction of the adidas Originals Tubular

Tubular Defiant

A Mix between Y-3 and Yeezy?! This can not be denied by looking at the tubular defiant. It surely has been influenced by those two. But that is not a problem, in contrary its an improvement. The silhouette is inspired by Y-3 and the midsole as well as the slip-on construction are similar to the yeezy. The upper is composed of neopren and the heel shines with a snakeskin-print. Wether in all-black, all-white or all-red, the tubular defiant is a must-have for women.

Tubular Defiant all red

Tubular Nova Grey on feet

Tubular Nova

The Tubular Nova was only a question of time. The Inspiriation by Y-3 can not be denied. The flat profile and neopren construction are the perfect mix between fashion and performance. The streamlining guidance and the new midsole of the nova make the whole construct look a little bit smaller. The Nova Midsole joins smoothly the tubular family. We do not know, if kanye had much to do with it?! But overall the Tubular Nova has definitely the potential to stand next to the 350 Boost.

Tubular Runner

The Tubuluar Runner was renewed in 2014. Inspired by the 1994th OG Tubuluar kept the distinctive upper, but another thing was changed drastically. The Midsole. Imbued by the Adidas Y-3 and paved the way for the Adidas Yeezy. The New Tubular Runner Midsole was celebrated worldwide. Such a reinvention of an OG has never been done before. The possibilites with the Tubular runner seem to be endless. Wether with a neopren upper or full suede, monochrom or multicolour. The Tubular Runner has shown us a very huge plate of its various looks.


Adidas Tubular Runner woven all black

Tubular Viral grey white

Tubular Viral

The Family will be expanded by one model and that is the Tubular Viral. Only for Women this time. The fine Details are characteristics for this shoe. The Tubular Viral wins over with a clean and stylish design, the upper consists of elastic neopre, the silhouette is rakish and overal it is a mix of fashion and performance. The classic three stripes of adidas have been reinterpreted in a abstract way of a trio of triangles. The tubular viral fits perfectly in the tubular squad..

Tubular X

In 2015, the Tubular X has definitely made its name and generated a huge fan base. We have seen this colorway in various and many colorways and have always been excited about them. This shoe is based on a classic basketball shoe and possesses a yeezy-esqe style. The Tubular X consists of a two tone mesh upper, welded overlays and a reflecting heel detail. This shoe has a solid seat in the tubular family..

Tubular X von Adidas

Tubular Invader Strap

Without any question is the Yeezy-Shoes are the most successful one in the sneaker game at the moment. For a reason, Adidas is trying to build there inline products with influence of yeezy products. And they did very well on the Adidas Tubular Invader Strap. The beautiful Invader-Basketball-Shoe from the 80’s is this time featured by the Yeezy-tipical stripe above the upper and becomes more and more futuristic. The EVA-sole gives you a huge comfort and makes every walk with your Adidas Tubular Invader Strap very pleasant. The upper is usual in suede and the perforated toebox makes the shoe more and more breathable.

Tubular Invader von Adidas