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The Adidas Equipment series is one of the oldest and most traditionell series from Adidas in sneaker history. The designers of the EQT are always releasing new and different shoe models with matching shirts and other clothing stuff. The smartest move is, to mark the shoes always with the EQT label and the color. You will always know, when you wear a EQT shoe. Till 2016 they mark every EQT shoe with a green detail, now they relaunched it and the new EQT color is infrared. Adidas tries to combine old, traditionell shoes with the newest and best technics at the market, like boost or primeknit for example. Adidas is always very smart, when they try to bring another Equipment shoe on the market. They are always able to bring themselves to another level. The EQT-series is like a pioneer for other 3-stripes collection and the shoes of the series are timeless since the first release in the 90s.

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Buy Adidas Equipment at Afew!

The Adidas Equipment is one of the most succesfull Storys in history of the brand with the three stripes. Trough the huge history of the serieres, there are a lot of relevant EQT silhouttes stil on the market. Also in 2017 there will be following EQT’s and innovative ideas for older silhouettes. In the following part of the page we shoe you every single shoe a little more detailed to get you more into Adidas EQT and the matching silhouettes: Support 93, Guidance 93, Cushion 91, Racing, Equipment Support ADV, EQT Support 93/17 and EQT Support Ultra. 

It doesn't matter what you are looking for: If you want to buy Adidas Equipment , you will find it at our Webshop or instore. We have got nearly all shoes of the series and even the matching clothes. You will love the items of the Adidas EQT series.

Adidas Support 93

The Adidas Support 93 became an all-time classic trough is timeless shape. Usual, is the a little asymmetric shoe featured by a suede upper and mesh, textile or full leather applications. The “Support” Lacelock at the beginning of the laces is significant. A shoe, who was always important for the sneaker market and were pretty sure, the Support 93 will be always pretty important..

EQT Running Guidance

Through the release of the Adidas EQT Running Guidance Adidas was able to drop another alltime classic on the market. To make the shoe more and more innovative, Adidas features the shoe with a Primeknit Upper. A transformation from a high weight shoe to sock-a-like silhouette. We loved the first Running Guidance with Primeknit upper in the OG Colorway and we are looking forward for some following shoes of the series, doesn’t matter if with or without primeknit.

EQT Running Cushion

The Adidas EQT Running Cushion another classic shoe of the EQT series. The shoe brings the 90’s back to your feet with the SoftCell-shock absorption, heelcap and the torsion system. Better be quick!

Equipment Racing 91

The Adidas Equipment Racing 93 is another good shoe of the EQT-series is another legend of the EQT-series but in our opinion it became a legend when Adidas dropped the primeknit upper on the Adidas Equipment Racing 93.  The shoe looks more narrow with primeknit and is more light than without or like the other EQT-shoes. We are looking forward for following Adidas Equipment Racing 93 shoes.


The shapebomb of the year is the Adidas EQT ADV! The shape of the shoe looks like a good door wedge and looks absolutely incredible on feet. The shoe is the development of the EQT Support from 1991. The shoe looks more modern through the sock-a-like construction and the high quality Upper. We love the new Adidas EQT ADV!

EQT Support 93/17

The EQT Support 93/17 is the newest shoe of the EQT series: The shoe has also an outstanding shape like the ADV, and is featured by Primeknit upper and Boost sole. You will love to walk around in these! Another new idea is to switch the old EQT colors. Pink is the new green, like you see on the heel of the shoe! Anyway, we are looking forward for a lot of different colorways. We think the shoe deserves the same hype like the NMD has. 

Equipment Support Ultra

The Adidas Equipment Support Ultra is another recruit of the EQT-family. Significant is the boost sole, you get high comfort through it. The Upper is available in two different types: Once with high comfort primeknit and once with the oldschool EQT Upper – an alltime classic in suede and mesh. We like both variations, if youre a little nostalgic you will prere the oldschool upper! If you are more into new technologies you know, that Primeknit/Boost is a deadly combination. You can pass on this!