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About Afew

The beginning of Afew

In late 2008 we have opened the doors of our Store in Düsseldorf for the first time and have tried to build up the Family Business with some selfmade furniture’s & a small assortment of Sneaker. In the beginning we have tried to represent the different brands as good as possible with a small budget and a lot of “do it yourself” work. With a team of 3 guys we have tried to make the best of our Store and of course also the Onlineshop. For us it was important to take attention to details and not to try to be just another Store where you can buy shoes.

The rebuilding

After 2 years and a rebuilding time of 3 month in which we have rebuild the store after closing time together with Family & Friends, it was time for the big Re-Opening Party on the 16th of July 2011. At the Event we have presented the new concept of the Afew Good Things Project and started also the tradition of a lot of successful Events in our store.


After the Re-Opening in 2011 we did to more Projects in this year. The Afew Vintage Gallery & Sale and the MAX100 Exhibition Event which are both two of our all-time favorites. In 2012 we also started the tradition of the Afew x Asics Event for the Japanday here in Düsseldorf, which we host every year since that day.


On the 26th of April we have celebrated our 5th Anniversary together with Nike and presented our New Anniversary Logo, which was created by our Friend Matt Stevens (MAX100). After we have 5 successful first 5 years we are looking forward to the next years and already have a lot of ideas for upcoming Projects.

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