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Afew Vintage



Afew Vintage

Afew-Vintage Recap

Last weekend it was time for the Afew-Vintage Gallery & Sale. Thanks everybody for coming! We had a blast...

Make sure to check out the Pictures



Afew Vintage

Stock List Online

Here you can see the stock list for the Afew-Vintage Sale and get a little overview of what is going to happen on the weekend.

See you on Saturday



Afew Vintage

Win a Afew-Vintage "Deadstock" Shirt

Together with Sneakerfreaker we are draw 1 of the 50 Afew-Vintage "Deadstock Shirts. Just let us know why you need this Shirt and post it on our Facebook Wall.

Thanks to the guys of Sneakerfreaker


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Afew Vintage

Afew-Vintage Gallery & Sale | Teaser Video

In this teaser Video we take you back to the good old times and give you a little preview of what you can expect on the Afew-Vintage Weekend.

Enjoy it!


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Afew Vintage

Nike Air Span II

Nike released the Air Span II in 1990 and 1991! Check the pics, and you will understand the reason for the hype!



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Afew Vintage

Asics Gel Lyte III OGs

The Gel Lyte III features the asics gel system and the legendary “split tongue”- love it, or hate it! Ascis developed these technical trainer more than 20 years ago!

Check out our OG’s !


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Afew Vintage

Nike Air 180 OGs

Right now you are seeing sneaker history!

These beauties, which are known as the Nike Air 180 were produced in 1991 and are one of the most popular and wanted kicks around the globe!

Just enjoy!


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Afew Vintag

Adidas Tubular II

In 1993 a new tech-runner was born, the ADIDAS TUBULAR II.

This technology of the Tubular was based on car tires and made it possible to adjust the cushioning in the heel area indivually with a separated pump!

One of the greatest adidas trainer ever!


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Afew Vintage

Afew @ Sneakerness 2011 in Amsterdam

Last Saturday we have shown some of the shoes of the Afew-Vintage Gallery & Sale at the Sneakerness in Amsterdam. We had good time and meet some cool people...




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Afew Vintage

Afew-Vintage - First Impression...

Here is a first impression of what you can expect on the Afew-Vintage Gallery & Sale.

Stay tuned



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Mit dem Afew-Vintage Wochenende widmen wir uns vielen original Schuh-Klassikern der 80er & 90er Jahre (Running, Basketball, Training, Tennis)! NO RETROS-JUST OG‘S!

In den nächsten Wochen werden wir Euch hier und auch auf Facebook einige der Modelle vorstellen, die Ihr dann auf der  Afew-Vintage Gallery am 24.9. sehen und dann zum Sale am 25.9.2011 auch  kaufen könnt.




Afew-Store | Oststr. 36 | Düsseldorf | Germany 

Mehr Infos & Bilder vom Laden findet ihr auf der Afew-Store Seite





Falls ihr Fragen zum Event oder den Schuhen habt könnt ihr uns natürlich gerne via Email kontaktieren.

 > vintage@afew-store.com 



Hier könnt ihr euch für die Veranstaltung eintragen & natürlich auch Fan vom Afew-Store werden.







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