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AFEW STORE and gutenachtbus

Together with the @gutenachtbus project, we collect donations in kind for homeless people in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. You can find the donation box at our AFEW STORE – Oststrasse 36 – 40211 Düsseldorf. The @gutenachtbus is an initiative of vision:teilen e.V. that exists since 2011 and helps to care for homeless and needy […]

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Our redesigned Store

Welcome to our redesigned Store and a big thanks to the guys from @redbeard_interior. Together with the team from @redbeard_interior, we redesigned our Store. The green floor changed to a blank grey concrete similar underground. With wood details in brown and black, we highlighted the white and black magnetic walls. In the middle of the […]

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ON Cloud Hi Edge Defy – Lookbook

There are very few recent brands that truly deserve the spotlight. Most of great labels we know and love have a rich historical background, sponsored athletes on all levels and so on. But ON, since 2010 and out of the blue, revolutionized the sensation of running.Merging sneaker culture, athletic performance and alpine experiences all in […]

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